Over 36 Blasts at PAF Base Faisal & PNS Mehran

Pakistan Navy's P-3C Orions Destroyed in Terrorist Attack 
Pakistani News Channels are reporting that atleast three at the PAF Base Faisal & PNS Mehran. These blasts has occurred at the guard's room at the PAF Base Faisal & PNS Mehran and rescue teams are rushing toward the base.

Locals in the area has reported that atleast three blasts has occurred which are followed by the heavy gunfire and raising smoke for PAF Base Faisal & PNS Mehran can be seen from long distance.

Only Rangers are allowed to move in and Sindh police is stopped at the gate as it is thought that few terrorists are in the area. Helicopters are being used for surveillance of the area.

Pakistan Navy's Special Forces, Naval Special Services Group(SSGN) are conducting the search and rescue operation. Army's SSG and Air Force's SSW is also on alert and its special forces operators are put on alert.

Atleast four deaths has been confirmed and two more blasts has occurred.

Three P-3 Orion aircrafts has been damaged.Out of Three one P-3C is completely destroyed while other two were partially damaged. Pakistan Navy has purchased 9 P-3C Orions from United States. P-3C is a four-engine turboprop anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft.

RPGs and grenades were used by the terrorists and one of them hit the PN's P-3 Orion. Total of 14 to 20 terrorists are involved in the attack our which atleast 6 have been killed and another has been captured alive by the Special Operations Forces of Pakistan Navy.

There is total blackout in the area to provide tactical advantage to the special force's operators which can use the Night Vision Devices to hunt down the terrorist in dark.

All foreign technical staff stationed at the PNS Mehran have been evacuated. Terrorist has launched their attack using three different routes, City School, Malir Nadi, and Main road. Atleast four of them has been captured alive by the Special Operations Forces and Pak Marines. Pak Marines have surrounded the terrorist.

Five injured personal including one foreign has been admitted in the hospital and another four were killed.

Additional gunfire and blasts are being reported in the area and now it is claimed that three P-3C Orions are destroyed. Over three dozen ambulances at the gate of the PNS Mehran and are waiting for the gates to open.

Another blast has been reported and firing has started again. Local media is claiming that sewer lines may have been used to infiltrate the base. Samaa TV has reported that terrorist are using the Night vision goggles  has been found on dead terrorists.

Lt. Syed Yaser Abbas from Lahore, is one of the first martyrs who fought the terrorist at PNS Mehran. He was part of the Rapid Response Team which was first on scene as the alarms were sounded by the guards.


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