Violence in Karachi — Who Owns Karachi??

Karachi Downtown
City of Lights
Karachi is a metropolitan city. people from almost every major creed and religion live here. Karachi is the 19th largest city in the world. to my information it is also bigger than 3 countries and five times bigger than Singapore. It is known locally by many names such as “The City of Lights” (روشنیوں کا شہر) “City of Quaid” and “Bride of the Cities” (عروس البلاد). Karachi is ranked 3rd among the most populated cities after Shangahi and Mumbai. Thank heavens it hasn’t made to the top list of most dangerous cities of the world yet.
Violence in Karachi=
Karachi has a chequered history of law and order. We all know that. Major problem with a city like Karachi is no one  (political elite) is willing to own Karachi beyond the slogans. Everyone is all time ready to raise slogans like “Hamara Karachi, I Own Karachi, My Karachi, We Own Karachi” but no one has really stepped up to rescue this metropolitan city form violent groups. Only blame games are being played. They know if not today, yesterday will be theirs in power and thats why peace or no peace to this gloriously diverse city is immaterial to them. I was being asked by many to write on Karachi, but I was declining till this moment just because I didn’t want to join the wordy bandwagon of ”Hamara Karachi, I Own Karachi, My Karachi, We Own Karachi”. Today I came across a beautiful piece of poetry that reminded me of Karachi and poor Karachiites. It from the heart of some bleeding Pakistani and Karachiite. I want to share it on the blogosphere.
Jo Al’lum Guzar Rahay Hain, Meary Shehar Jal Rahay Hain, Meary Log Mar Rahay Hain, Koi Aur Tau Nahi Hai, Pss-e-Khanjar Azmai, Hami Qatal Kar Rahay Hain, Hami Qatal Ho Rahay Hain.
Another poet expresses his grief in the following words.
Ab KAhan Wo Eesaar o Akhuv’vat Madinay Jaisi?, Ab Tau Musalman Ko Musalman Sy Dar Lgta Hai.
But all these grievances and groveling fell flat on these politicians and bureaucrats in power. It seems these politicians have either become senseless, deaf and dumb or they are abetting equally in this heinous game of bloodshed. The people of Karachi are also equally responsible of their state of misery. In the words a poet;
Humain Kahbar Hai Lutairon Kay Sab Thikano Ki, Shareek e Jurm Na Hotay tau Mukhbari Krtay.
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