BEWARE KARACHI | WARNING ISSUED: Lion escaped from Karachi Zoo

It has been reported that a male african lion accidentally escaped form the Karachi Zoo (Gandhi Garden) an hour ago.  The incident happened when the zoo keepers opened the gate for the routine cleaning and feeding of the animals.  This 8 year old male african lion sneaked out of the cage and ran all over the zoo.  Eye witnesses told Dose of me that the lion tried to enter into the enclosures of spotted dear but failed and some said it might have injured himself during the expedition.

Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife has already issued a show-cause notice to Karachi Zoo MD.  Zoo rangers are after the runaway lion and they have already closed the zoo for general public today.  Police  have also being active and closely monitoring adjacent areas of Garden, Karachi.

We would like to WARN the residents of Karachi specially in the areas near zoo to beware and keep you children / woman inside, also keep an eye on the news channels till this beast get caught again.


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