Fishing at the harbours-Karachi

Karachi is a seaport with some nice beaches, but its fish harbours are its best kept secret.  The Karachi Fish Harbour and the Ibrahim Hyderi Fish Harbour are two places where you find the freshest and best of the catch.
It’s quite a sight as the launch, locally called ‘laanch’ arrives at the harbour. Packed with ice, the containers carrying the sea’s bounty are sent across the pier and a mad rush ensues.
The real machli bazaar is the auction hall where traders as well as hardcore sea-food lovers can be seen haggling over the prices. And just incase the noise and smell are a bit too much to handle, you can always make a quick stop at the nearby food streets for fried fish and spicy curry and head home. – Text and photos by Sumera Adil Dawn News.


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