Karachi, Pakistan:“Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s My-Karachi, Oasis of Harmony Exhibition is  successful venture to depict the soft and real image of Karachi as peaceful city & economic, financial and industrial capital of Pakistan”, expressed by Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Chairman, Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) on the inauguration ceremony at Karachi Expo Centre on 22nd July, 2011. He focused that the 8th sequel of KCCI’s flagship International “My-Karachi, Oasis of Harmony Exhibition 2011” endorse the success of the regular event to promote commercial and industrial activities. The event had gained due recognition of national and international exhibitors since last 8 years. Shedding light on the aim of SBI to promote and enhancement investment opportunities in Sindh, he informed that Government of Sindh, while committed to uplift the economy of Karachi , particularly and Sindh generally, is offering excellent investment opportunities to the local and foreign investors. He said that Sindh has great potential of business, trade and investment; all relevant details are available at SBI web-portal www.sbi.gov.pk. He highlighted that 13 different sectors of potential investment including education, agriculture, alternate energy, horticulture etc. Sindh Government has given top priority to education and allocated 9000 acres of land for establishing Education City where more than 20 national and international universities will provide quality professional education to the youth to groom them as professional human resource to cater national needs of trade and industry. He highly admired the organizing of Education & Youth Pavilion at My-Karachi Exhibition and termed it as a unique example to be followed by others to promote education.

Muhammad Saeed Shafiq, President-KCCI, in his welcome speech, stated that the KCCI is steadfast to uplift the economy and promote trade and industry. He said that despite of several hardships, internal and external problems viz. War against terror, post effects of recession, energy crisis etc., our economy which is backed by the business and industrial community showed resilience. He said that by the Grace of Almighty Allah, our country achieved the historic export figure of US$ 25 Billion. He enlightened that Karachi Chamber started My-Karachi exhibition in 2004 with the initiative of Siraj Kassam Teli, the then President of KCCI, when he himself was the Senior Vice President, the exhibition received great acclamation on both National & International forums. Core objective of this mega event is to project and promote the true and real picture of Karachi & Pakistan with an emphasis on Karachi as centre of commercial activities as well as hub for financial, economic and industrial activities of Pakistan , he added.  He said that My-Karachi Exhibition is open for business circles and families from  22~24 July at Karachi Expo Centre. He articulated that this year also from corporate & public sector of Pakistan and abroad, hundreds of international exhibitors and companies have participated. This year an exclusive hall is dedicated free-of-cost for Education & Youth Pavilion to encourage the young innovators and entrepreneurs who are displaying their projects in the exhibition. He also expressed his heartfelt compliments to the Government of Sindh, Excellencies of Diplomatic Corps, international & national participants & supporters of the KCCI flagship exhibition. Due to terrorism and war,  Pakistan’s image was tarnished by way of adverse propaganda in the Western media, the state of affairs demand that Karachiities specially the business and industrial community to come forward to combat and rebuild the image of metropolitan city in particular & Pakistan in general and make this event successful with flying colours, he maintained. He also urged that in view of KCCI’s productive role in strengthening the economy, Government should take KCCI on board while extending representation in Ministry of Commerce and TDAP and other important organizations.
Zubair Motiwala


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