No option for military operation in karachi: Malik

Interior Minister A. Rehman Malik  said that there is no option for the military operation in Karachi. While collective  steps were needed to tackle the growing problem of terrorism the city.
Talking to journalists at the Jinnah International Airport Sunday evening, Malik said, President Zardari had convened a meeting over situation in Karachi today (Monday). Malik said that all parties would have to work hand in hand to restore peace in the restive city.
He said operation would not be conducted but consensus would be taken after discussing issues with all political parties of the city. “Some forces want to derail the present government,” he added. “Wherever needed police and Rangers will work together to neutralize any threat,” he said.
Besides, the Minister said that he also raised the issue of kidnapping of the Merchant Navy personnel affecting the whole region.
Even Indian Interior Minister P. Chidambaram also agreed to viewpoint to take measures and tackle the issue of kidnapping in Africa, he said.
He said that non-state elements were also active and it was the responsibility of all the states to face and tackle the issue positively.
Besides, he said that Pakistan gave a suggestion to work on proposals regarding money laundering, drug money and other issues which all related to terrorism.
The member states of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) were further informed that Pakistan was a target of terrorists and lost 35,000 innocent people, faced over 8,000 bomb explosions, and had to face over 3,000 suicide bombings during the last few years, Rehman Malik added.



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