Sahir Lodhi - “China Ka Shahrukh Khan”

Sahir Lodhi  has bring in immense reputation on behalf of his tough effort but  he is much known  by the name of “China Ka Shahrukh Khan”.

The reason behind it is that he copies sharukh khan while hosting or acting
“The Sahir Show" on Geo TV, Sahir Lodhi is receiving fairly a clownish reputation. He is receiving disgust and getting higher opposition than being appreciated.

Supporter adore Shahrukh Khan intended for his authentic code and true style whereas, Sahir Lodhi nothing than a coping clown who just follows Shahrukh Khan’s body language and statement skill and is rapidly losing his own identity  himself into an actor of other state.


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  1. Muhammad Qasim says:

    We Love SAHIR LODHI.

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