Majalis-e-Aza starts amid tight security

KARACHI (APP): With the sighting of moon of Muharramul-Harram, the Majalis-e-Aza have also started here. The people have started converging at major Imambargahs to attend Majlis-Aza amid tight security measures taken by the police and rangers. The main congregation commenced at Mehfil-e-Shah-e-Khurasan where senior religious scholars from within and outside the country will deliver their speeches to revisit the history of Karbala and highlight the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

The Sindh Government has already issued directives to the Police, Rangers and FC to provide security to all mosques and Imambargahs across the province. ”At least 15,000 personnel of law enforcement agencies have been deployed in Karachi alone to provide security during Muharram congragations and processions,” said Additional IGP Karachi Ghulam Shabir Shaikh while talking to media persons on Saturday.


Book launch in Karachi, AFK, 28 October 2011

The Express Tribune, Karachi, 30 October 2011
The book by Michel Boivin, Artefacts of Devotion. A Sufi Repertoire of the Qalandariyya in Sehwan Sharif, Sindh, Pakistan, was launched on 28th of October 2011 at the Alliance Fran├žaise de Karachi (AFK). Read the book description from the official website of OUP in Karachi:
“Sindh, the land and the river which gave its name to the subcontinent, is a region rich in history with a distinctive cultural heritage. It is the first base of Islam in the subcontinent but can be defined in religious terms as independent and more flexible. As a result, Sufi Islam took root here and spread across the Indus region attracting Muslim and non-Muslim devotees alike.
In this book, Michel Boivin, who has devoted much of his time to the study of Sindh, takes his readers to Sehwan Sharif’s shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, one of the Sufi icons of Sindh. Shahbaz Qalandar, of Persian Asian descent, is described as one of the unconventional qalandars who was accepted as ‘one of the sons of Sindh’; his ‘kalam’ made him ‘a symbol of daring authenticity during times of stifling conformity’ to quote the author. Boivin has produced a volume that explores and explains ‘the Sufi repertoire’ as he terms the monuments and artefacts of devotion, particularly in the Qalandariyya context, and is enriched by painstakingly researched and striking images. Through the four main chapters and the Excursus, the reader is introduced to the description, history and significance of each aspect of the artefacts and of the shrines in the Indus region, mainly Sindh. The book is supported by a comprehensive glossary, a list of illustrations, bibliography and an index.”


Orangi is not Dharavi!

A recent report, compiled by Mumbai's Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation with assistance from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), claims that while Dharavi, the setting for the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire movie, has 57,000 families living in overcrowded huts with poor sanitation, Orangi on the outskirts of Karachi is home to more than a million people living in poverty. This report has been splashed across Indian and some Western news media without any independent confirmation of its content.

The fact is that Orangi is nothing like Dharavi in terms of the quality of its housing or the services available to its residents. This report appears to be nothing but a shameful attempt by Mumbai's municipality to hide its own inadequacies by diverting the attention of the world to the biggest city of India's neighbor and arch rival Pakistan. What is even more disturbing is how the UNDP has become a party to this misleading claim. This preposterous claim is also an insult to the memory of Dr. Akhtar Hamid Khan who organized Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) and tirelessly worked with the residents on self-help model to improve their lives.

Reacting to the report, Parveen Rehman, of the Orangi Pilot Project, told a reporter of the Telegraph that the word “slum” did not do justice to its hard-working people, who had developed their own welfare system.

“People are poor but they are not destitute, they’re working class. It’s one of the poorest settlements. People have arranged their own schools, clinics and water supply. They are a great example of people helping themselves.

Ms. Rahman is right in her assessment. Orangi is not really a slum today. But it started life as a 'kutchi abadi' or squatter settlement for the large influx of refugees in Karachi from East Pakistan (often mistakenly called Biharis) after the fall of Dhaka in early 1970s. It consists of an area larger than 25 square miles (versus 0.67 sq miles in Dharavi) with a population of over a million (versus over 700,000 residents of Dharavi). Most of Orangi's population increase in the last three decades has come from the growing rural to urban migration, particularly of ethnic Pushtoons from the North West Frontier Province (NWFP). Shanties have now grown into single or two level cement houses over the years and a large number of schools have been operating successfully, sending the poorest children into the best educational institutions of the city. A significant population of educated middle class has grown in Orangi. There are a number of small businesses and a cottage industry, started by budding entrepreneurs and funded by microfinance efforts in the area. The city of Karachi has built roads into Orangi to provide improved access for the residents. A hospital was built in the community in the 1990s. While Dharavi has only one toilet per 1440 residents and most of its residents use Mahim Creek, a local river, for urination and defecation, Orangi has an elaborate sanitation system built by its citizens. Under Orangi Pilot Project's guidance, between 1981 and 1993 Orangi residents installed sewers serving 72,070 of 94,122 houses. To achieve this, community members spent more than US$2 million of their own money, and OPP invested about US$150,000 in research and extension of new technologies. Orangi pilot project has been admired widely for its work with urban poor.

Like any other growing and poor urban neighborhood, Orangi has its share of problems. Pollution, crime, corruption and political volatility are just some of the issues confronting Orangi residents. A large underground economy flourishes in Orangi.

While the deplorable motivations of the Mumbai city authorities are clear, it is the UNDP that is doing a great disservice to its mission by joining with the BMC in defaming the highly laudable work of the ordinary citizens of Orangi and the OPP in Karachi.

Here's a video clip of Indian environment minister Jairam Ramesh saying "if there was a Nobel Prize for dirt and filth, India would win it hands down":


Bakra Eid Mubarak

  • Eid Mubarak Shayari – 1
    Eid leka aate hai dher sare khusiya,
    Eid mita deta hai insan mai duriya,
    Eid hai khuda ka ek nayam tabarok
    Eisi liye kahte hai sab EID MUBARAK!
  • Eid Mubarak Shayari – 2
    EID MUBARAK ho Aapko,
    Dher sari tarif aur khusiya mile aapko,
    But, Jab EIDI mile aapko to Please….
    Aap Yaad karna Sirf Humko!!!
  • Eid Mubarak Shayari – 3
    Zindegi ka her pal khushiyon se kam na ho
    aap ka her din eid ke din se kam na ho
    aisa eid ka din apko hamesha naseeb ho
    eid mubarak
  • Eid Mubarak Shayari – 4
    In Old Style..
    Gul ne Gulshan men Gulaab beja hai….
    Sitaroon ney asman se slaam beja hai….
    Mubarik sub ko EID ka chand hum ne aap sab ko yeh
    pegham advance behja he
  • Eid Mubarak Shayari – 5
    kitni eidain guzar gai tum bin,
    ab khuda kay liye na tarpana,
    dekho phir eid anay wali hai,
    eid kay sath tum bhi ajana

Eid Shayari

Tamam Sabuto or Gawaho Ko
Maddenzar Rkte Hue
Apko Dfa 1/11/2011 K Teht
6 Din PhLe
Eid mubarak
Khte Hue Umar Bhar Khush Rehne Ki Dua Di Jati Hy….

Bakra eid ka bakra

Eid Shayari

Teri Yadoun Ki Hifazat Kesy Karun
Mera Te Apna LeLa Koi Khol K Le Gaya..

Tuje dekhna meri eid hai

Eid Shayari

teri deed jis ko naseeb h wo naseeb qabil e deed hai
tuje sochna meri chand raat or tuje dekhna meri eid hai

Suna hai eid ayi hai

Eid Shayari

usay khna k loat ao suna h eid ayi hai
ek br tu a kr mil jao suna h eid ayi hai
usay khna k bin tere bohat eiden guzri hn
is br tu milny a jao suna h eid ayi hai
usay khna judai se muhabat kam nhi hoti
ye dunia ko batla jao k suna h eid ayi hai
usay khna k chaht ka bhram na totane dena
tum pal do pal hi a jao suna h eid ayi hai
usay khna k tanha hi koi eid k din b
ye tanhai mita jao suna h eid ayi hai

Eid huyi

Eid Shayari

Tujhse bichhre to ab hosh nahin
Kab chand hua kab eid huyi….

Eid guzar jaye gi

Eid Shayari

Tujhe meri na mujhe teri khabar jaye gi
Eid ab ke baar dabey paaon guzar jaye gi..

Is eid pe laut ke ajana

Eid Shayari

Iss eid pe lot k aa jana,
Kuch yadein taza krni hain,
Kuch lamhay morr k lanay hain,
Kuch taray torr k lanay hain,
Wo masti or wo madhoshi,
Wo bachpan morr k lana hai,
Is eid pe lot k aa jana,
Ab dil ko dil ki dharkan se,
Phir eid mubarak kehna hai,
Ab sath boht din rehna hai,
Is eid pe lot k aa jana…!

Eid ka chand

Eid Shayari

Un ko dekha tou phir utra na geya
Aasman tak hi raha eid ka chaand..

Ameeron ke liye to har roz eid hai

Eid Shayari

Akeli tu bhi hai, mera bhi door hai mehboob
Galey tou mil eid ayi hai shab-e-hijran mein
Ameeron ke liye tou har roz eid hai
Ghareeb khush hon tou janein eid ayi hai

Tohfa diya hum ko eid pe

Eid Shayari

Us meherban ki nazar -e- inayat ka shukria
Tohfa diya hum ko eid pe firaaaq ka..

Is bache ki eid kesi hogi

Eid Shayari

Is bache ki eid na janey kesi ho gi
Jis ki janat nangey paon phirti hai

Eid ka bhi hai ishara kareeb ajao

Eid Shayari

Ab maza ayega eid ka
Bacha bacha muntazir hai deed ka
Ab nahin hijr gawara ke kareeb ajao
Eid ka bhi hai ishara ke kareeb ajao
Ubhra nahin hai chand nazar beqarar hai
Aese mein bhala khaak aye eid ka maza
Abr-e-rehmat ban kar cha jao peyam e eid hai
Chaar soo noor barsao peyam e eid hai

Musartein tumhe eid ki mubarak hon

Eid Shayari

Tohfa duyaon ka tumhe pohanchey mera
Sada rahe tumhare gird khshiyon ka ghera
Musartein tumhe eid ki mubarak hon
Tumhari zeest mein na aye ghamon ka phera..

unwaan bana eid ka chand

Eid Shayari

Kitni palkon se fizaaon mein sitarey tootey
Kitne afsanon ka unwaan bana eid ka chaand..

Eid Shayari

Ban dekhe usey ya rab yeh eid na guzrey
Kar peda koi aesa sabab yeh eid na guzrey
Duniya ko dikhaya hai jo ik chand tu ne
Mujhko bhi dikha ab yeh eid na guzrey


Bakra & Cow Mandi Sohrab Goath VIP Cattle Farms 2011 VIP TENT

Bakra & Cow Mandi Sohrab Goath VIP Cattle Farms 2011 VIP TENT
Karachi Mandi Sohrab Goath

Karachi Mandi VIP Tent


Caw mandi 2011 bakra mandi 2011


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