7 Tips on Finding Your Ideal Life Partner

Dear Wonderful Readers,

I hope you are getting ready for your holidays! We are getting near the end of the year. Have you thought about what you have learned this year about Life, Love, and Relationship? What have you gained? What is your next step? Where are you going next?

If you are searching for your Ideal Relationship, here are some tips for this week.

1. Fill your heart with love

You fill your heart with love by finding something or someone that you love. If you have friends whom you love, then, give your love to your friends. If you have a pet, then, give your love to your pet. If you love to dance, read, write, cook, or do some activities that you love, then, put your whole heart into everything you do. When you put your heart into everything you do, you will find joy, happiness, and love. You will become a magnet of love. You will attract more love into your life.

2. Let go of your limiting beliefs

Find your hidden beliefs that are holding you back. Here are some limiting belief:

Fear of greatness
Fear of not being good enough
Fear of not being loved
Fear of rejection
Fear of failure
Fear of success
I don't deserve/ I am not worthy of love

You can practice letting go of your limiting beliefs by:

1. Be aware of the limiting beliefs.
2. Ask yourself if that belief is true or not?
3. Dig deeper and find out where it is coming from. Whose voice is it that is talking to you? Perhaps it is from your parents, your ex, other people, or your own critic voice that has been sabotaging you for years.
4. Change your new belief
Write it down on a piece of paper or type into your computer in bold letters. State in a present tense.
Here are some example of new beliefs:
I am good enough.
I am worthy of love.
I can succeed in finding my Ideal Life Partner.
I deserve to be loved.
5. Post it somewhere that you can see it daily
6. State your new belief out loud 2 times a day morning and night. Make it a routine. You might need to say your new belief 50 times a day to replace the old.
7. Do this exercise for the next 30 days

It takes time to change your limiting beliefs. It takes reputation, determination, courage, and love. You can do it!

3. Be happy

You can choose to be happy. When you are happy, you attract more happiness in your life. When you are happy, you are attractive!!! It is an attitude that you want to have in order for you to live joyfully. You are the Chooser! You can be happy now by choosing to be!

4. Be the Ideal person who you want to attract

If you want to attract love, be love, loving, and lovable.

5. Give of yourself

The secret of getting love is by giving it. Give without expectation. Give with love even if it is a small thing like your smile. Smile from the heart! Everybody loves a smile. Find some ways to give each day. You will find love, peace, and happiness. The key is to detach from the outcome. You give because you want to give; not because you want something back. That is the true giving. It is giving without expectation. When you give from your heart, it all will come back to you in many beautiful magical ways!!!

6. Believe in yourself

To succeed in anything in life, you have to believe in yourself. If you want to succeed in love, you have to believe that you are worthy of love. Believe that you will meet the right person. Believe that you are good enough. Believe that you have the right to be the Chooser. Don't wait to have someone to choose you.

7. Take actions

Nothing will happen unless you take actions. What is your next step on finding love? What do you need to do? Where will you meet your life partner? What is your plan? If you want something, take actions. If you want love, take actions now. The Divine Spirit will step in and help you when you first help yourself on finding love.

Love starts within a loving heart. Love yourself first. Then, love others more.

If you want love, be love.
If you want peace, be peace.
If you want happiness, be happy.
If you want joy, be joyful.
If you want your Ideal Life Partner, be the Ideal Life Partner.
Just be...And start giving from the heart today.

With Love and Gratitude,

You can post your ideal's requirement or post your name, qualification, age, city etc...


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