Raid In High Class Massage Palour In Karachi

"Prostitution" is the oldest profession in human history. Woman is a mans natural desire, and he gets to it in any which way, either through love, through gratification, through temptation, through reward, through violent means and if not then through rape. Man is an animal, and when that inhuman male instinct/desire reacts, he breaches all ethics of humanity and sometimes, rapes, molests even minor females. The desire for sex exists in all societies, the more conservative they are, the more the desire. In the 60's, Karachi had 6 Night Clubs, Topless dancing were common sight and there was the famous Napier Road (The Red Light District), But it was one of the safest cities in the region. Today, we have thousands of Mosques, thousands of Islamic preachings, dozens of Islamic channels on T.V but I cannot go out of my house for fear. Mans lust for Sex will never die, and all these dens run under the patronage of the Law enforcing agencies. Maybe on that day they did not get their Bhatta.


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